Our Top 10 Books List

Our Top 10 Books List

Learning is essential to business growth and leadership development. When we stop learning, we start dying. It is said that top CEOs and business leaders read up to 65 books per year. Now that’s a lot of learnin’!

Here are our top 10 picks of books to get your brain bubbling with new ideas.

1) Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
2) 7L: The 7 Levels of Communication – Michael Maher
3) Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki
4) The Millionaire Next Door – Thomas Stanley
5) Purple Cow – Seth Godin
6) The Go-Giver – Bob Burg
7) The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
8) Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand
9) Start With Why – Simon Sinek
10) The Five Dysfunctions of a Team – Patrick Lencioni

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That dog won’t hunt…

That dog won’t hunt…

This is a phrase we apply to anybody trying to accomplish anything without a plan and a strategy. The best intentions don’t get you very far. This is why within our own company we apply the same systems and processes for tracking growth to ourselves that we would to you our client.

We are also big on transparency and honesty. We thought a strong example of that would be to share some of our Big Hairy Audacious Goals. These are some of our own monthly goals from the first quarter of 2018 as well as some of our year 1, 3, and 5 goals. Some have gone well, and some have well… gone. Whether they were accomplished or not they provide clear metrics for where we have been and where we want to go. We review these each week in our “Dream A Little Dream” Update Meeting to inform, motivate, and keep us on track. As with any startup we have had delays, things not quite work out, but our goal setting keeps us positive and laser focused on what we need and want to accomplish. We would love to hear some of your Big Hairy Audacious Goals for the next quarter as well!

if you want to be a rock star or just be famous, then run down the street naked, you’ll make the news or something. But if you want music to be your livelihood, then play, play, play and play! And eventually you’ll get to where you want to be.Eddie Van Halen

Big Hairy Audacious Goals

Year One BHAG: $200K in Revenue!
Year Three BHAG: Inc 5000 Recipient!
Year Five BHAG: Cover of Success Magazine!

February 2018 Goals:

  • Host 1st Lunch n Learn-cancelled
  • 1 signed contract-0
  • Content Calendar created for 90 days-DONE!
  • Launch webinar-postponed
  • 33 contacts-personal, service provider websites- 23 contacts
  • 5 signed online students-0
  • Post 3x/week at least- 3 out of 4 weeks

March 2018 Goals:

  • O’Fallon Biz Expo Goals: 25 cards, 5 Leads, 10 One To Ones, 20 take webinar after expo, 2 book sales after expo
  • Have 10 articles, 1 podcast, and one online course ready for membership site-DONE!
  • Host Lunch & Libation- Cancelled due to low attendance
  • 3 new signed contracts-0
  • 33 contacts-personal, social media, blogs, service provider websites, events, seminars
  • 5 signed online students-0

April 2018 Goals:

  • Add 100 contacts to email list
  • Launch member site and online course-ON SCHEDULE!
  • 2 signed contracts
  • 33 contacts-personal, service provider websites, blog, social media, personal references
  • 5 signed online students
  • Our Own Office!
  • Generate $10K in revenue
What We Do

What We Do

As with any startup, there is always confusion about what products and services we do or don’t offer. For instance, we don’t offer bicycle repair. We aren’t a steampunk accessory provider. However, we do provide solutions to businesses and organizations wanting to grow and scale and they just aren’t sure why they aren’t moving forward. In today’s post, you can find the answers to your most burning frequently asked questions all in one spot.

Click here to download the Tandem StrategyWorks FAQ Document.

Episode 01 – Dan Vincent – Conversations with Carissa & Kelly

According to Strengthsfinder founder Don Clifton “There is no more effective way to empower people than to see each person in terms of his or her strengths.” Join us in today’s Convos with Kelly and Carissa as we discuss leadership and life with Dan Vincent, a Gallup certified Strengths Coach and the owner/founder of Kaleo Coaching.

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