As Keynote Speakers, Carissa and Kelly’s style is down-to-earth, insightful and energetic. Depending on the audience and requirement, they can cover strategy and Strategy Execution from the 10,000 feet level all the way down to the step-by-step. As keynote speakers, their talks range from a 45 minutes informational keynote to a full two-day program.

Working with a keynote speaker, there are infinite possibilities, depending on your particular requirements.

Maybe you would like to stress the importance of strategy and/or Strategy Execution to a group? Or you’re planning on organizing a Strategy Execution Day? Or you want to spice up an executive training session or strategy launch? Need a facilitator for the annual strategy meeting with your executive team? Or perhaps you’re looking for an external speaker for a corporate or industry event?

Let us know what you need. Send an email to If we cannot help you, we will most probably know someone who can.

In order to give you some ideas of content, take a look at the list below. It covers several keynote speaker ideas.

Tandem StrategyWorks; Marketing Your Organization From Start to Finish And Back Again
Marketing Your Business from Start to Finish and Back Again is aimed at helping business owners, entrepreneurs, organization managers, and anyone involved in promoting a business or cause, create a solid marketing strategy and help them understand the ins and outs of marketing in today’s digital world.

Making Movies with Friends to Share both of Your Stories
Video is still king when it comes to sharing your story, whether it is on social media, television, your website, or…you name it. In this session we will discuss ways to work with other organizations, businesses, and even sponsors, to tell both stories and leverage the power of combined audiences to get your messages to the masses.

Taming The Storm: Developing Resilience In Your Organization to Survive Anything
Research shows that resilience is an ordinary skills not an extraordinary skill. Resilience is not a trait that people either have do not have. It involves behaviors, thoughts and actions that can be learned. In this session we will learn how our organizations can tame any storm they face through such topics as crisis planning, goal setting, and positive beliefs, and flexibility.

Ripping Off Band Aids: How Anyone Can Have Icky Convos And Survive
Why can’t we just say what needs to be said? Isn’t it what is ultimately best for everyone involved in our organizations? In this session we will discuss why some convos are difficult, understanding the impact of Emotional IQ, and the process for moving through to effective and efficient communication.

Roast the Carrot and Stick: Creating Positive Environments To Internally Motivate Anyone When an organization’s culture is bad we shouldn’t blame the leaders. Motivation should be a responsibility for everyone. When employees feel cared for, valued, acknowledged, and respected, they give their 100% effort and commitment in return. In this session we will learn how to lead your team with games, tools, and practices to build trust, teamwork, and treat employees like adult human beings.

The Importance of Building Strategic Leadership Over Leaders: Do you have the right networks to help you see opportunities before competitors do? Are you comfortable challenging your own and others’ assumptions? Can you get a diverse group to buy in to a common vision? Do you learn from mistakes? How quickly can you make and implement decisions? In this session we will explore the importance of thinking strategically as an organization rather than just building a single strategy through the top tier leaders.

Overcoming Organization Gridlock With The Most Boring Document You Have: Successful Organizations have one thing in common. They consistently make great decisions over and over again. They are able to do this because there is a clear flow of information to the right people who can quickly make and implement decisions through a clear org chart. In this session we will discuss the importance of your org chart, focusing on accurate roles not individuals, and how this is used to make great decisions with accuracy and accountability.